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We Write Business Plans That Qualify Our Clients for L1 Visas in Kansas

The L1 visa makes it possible for US companies to have their employees transferred from one of their subsidiaries in foreign countries to one of their offices in the US after fulfilling all the necessary conditions. There are 2 types of L1 Visa:

The L1a visa, which makes it possible for a multinational company to transfer an acknowledged manager or executive to its US office.

The L1b visa, which permits a multinational company to transfer an employee that has a special knowledge concerning the interests of the company.

Also, there exists the L2 visa, which makes it possible for the family of the beneficiary of an L1 visa to come over to the US.

At first, securing an L1 visa may appear very difficult to achieve, a well-developed Business Plan will facilitate the approval of your application.  Our company’s professional writers of business plans in Kansas have assisted a number of companies to bring their highly valued foreign-based experts as well as their families to the United States.

For several years, our company has written top-rated Business Plans for our teeming clients.  Our team of seasoned business plan writers is highly reputed for professionalism and originality in writing business plans as they do not use business plan software, which makes them to come up with unique high-quality documents at all times.

 Do These to Avoid Rejection of Your L1 Visa Application

To secure visas of any kind, an individual or organization must have courage, perseverance, and most importantly a lot of organizational skills.  However, the biggest fear of applicants has always been that of rejection.  After putting in a lot of effort, nobody will want their application rejected.  Thinking about rejection alone is intimidating and daunting, especially now that President Obama has put all applications for L1 visas under close watch following his guidelines on Immigration Reform in November 2014 named USCIS.  The implication of this is that to apply for an L1 visa, there must be adequate preparation to avoid rejection of the application.

What is an L1 visa?

L1 visas are granted to foreign companies that wish to establish that wish to establish their subsidiaries in the United States and would like to send their specialized workers or managers from the country of origin to their US subsidiaries.

L1A’s or New Company L1’s: the application for a visa is sent while the subsidiary is in the startup phase and the manager will eventually be posted to the new company in the United States.

L1B’s are granted to companies to transfer their employees from foreign companies to existing entities in the US.

Year in, year out, Our Business Plan writers, who know the ins and outs, of the Immigration world, work on thousands of L1 Visa applications. We have seen a number of our clients struggling with the process, even finding it extremely difficult to understand the basic components of the USCIS requirements. Moving into the US is a challenge on its own.  We have always helped our teaming clients to understand the USCIS requirements with a view to avoiding unnecessary errors.

Having been in the business of writing business plans for several years in Kansas, we have come up with seven best business practices you can follow to avoid rejection of your L1 Visa. We owe it a duty to make you very confident and comfortable with the process. It is worthy of note that our tips and advice come from the standpoint of business.  If you require legal advice, establish contact with an immigration attorney.

 Ensure that your US business organization in Kansas is able to support the employee in meeting their requirements in the first year of granting the approval for the visa.

The goal of the USCIS is to ensure that foreign business entities create jobs when they enter the US market.   If the foreign companies send their workforce to the United States, the US economy should be the major beneficiary. We are aware that USCIS imposes requirements, which may compel the company to change its original plans. Our company will ensure that you fully understand what the immigration officers are looking for and the most compelling way of communicating it to them.

Requirements for the Employee

The manager coming from the foreign company to the US-based company must be highly qualified and specialized as they will be collaborating with other managers or individuals with special skills. The individuals must possess a minimum of Bachelor’s degree, in addition to managerial skills, to function efficiently. If you don’t fulfill the aforementioned requirements, you are not eligible for the L1 visa.

Tip:  The minimum requirements stipulated by USCIS are constantly changing.  Therefore, we suggest that managers supervise no fewer than 8 employees before Year 1 comes to an end. Although a team of 5 employees is acceptable, there is a higher risk of having your L1 Visa application rejected. It is feasible if there is high growth potential and collaboration between the foreign and the US entities.

Your US Company Organizational Chart for Year 1-

The fact that you have 8 employees in your US-based company is an indication that you are eligible to do business in the US. However, another factor that must be taken into consideration is the organizational structure.  We, therefore, recommend that the applicant manages no fewer than 3 managers or individuals with special skills and also performs other non-executive roles. An optimized organizational chart can be best demonstrated by giving an example.

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