Bank/SBA Loan Business Plan

SBA Loan Business Plans

We Are Experts at Writing Bank/SBA Loan Business Plans

Entrepreneurs need perfectly written business plans for the purpose of raising capital. A business plan meant for raising funds differs from others as it focuses on financial aspects like the use of equity and the return on investment it is likely to generate.

We write Bank/SBA Loan Business Plans for entrepreneurs who intend to submit bank loan applications either on their own or via the Small Business Administration (SBA).

This has been specially packaged by our team of professional and seasoned writers of business plans in consonance with the banks’ highest standards and Loan Requirements stipulated by the SBA. Have you ever been through any bank’s business loan calculator or an SBA Loan Calculator and are now ready to proceed to the next level in raising funds for your business?  If your answer is YES, contact one of our seasoned consultants!

Differences between a Bank/SBA/ Loan Business Plan and a Regular Business Plan

If you want to raise funds for your business, you can approach a bank or the SBA for a loan.  You must indicate that the business you will use the loan for has a high probability of succeeding, and paying back the loan as agreed will not be difficult.

The possibility of repaying the loan over a long period of time and making it extremely easy for the debtor to pay back the loan are the hallmarks of a Bank or SBA Loan.  A business plan specially made for Bank or SBA loans will enable you to provide to your lending institution with a workable timetable, feasibility data, long-term financial projections, and managerial backgrounds that will facilitate the approval of your loan application.

The business plans aim to show your lending institution that you have studied your intended business in detail, assessed the risks, and mapped out strategies to guard against those risks.

Bearing that there are no hard and fast rules about writing business plans, we have created Bank and SBA loan business plans, which are specifically directed to their lending institutions based on the details of your business.

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