Common mistakes made by EB NIW, EB2 and EB1A

We receive an average of 2 RFE per week from many applicants regarding their EB-2 National Interest Waiver applications, from which we have been able to identify the common mistakes made by many of the applicants. With the RFE, many clients have only 60 days to respond, it is therefore better to get things right before filing of the petition.

List of common issues below:

  • Not using a lawyer because many applicants are highly intelligent, and some are PhD degree holders and therefore believe they can self represent themselves when preparing the applications.
  • Some applicants mistakenly believe that self petition mean “Do-it-yourself without a lawyer”
  • Many applicants wrongly interpret the rules viewed on the USCIS website
  • Some applicants try to save money and therefore cut corners by not using professional services.
  • Over relying on qualifications and letters from professional peers
  • Not preparing a business plan to support the application
  • Not recognizing when a feasibility plan is needed
  • Not preparing a project plan when needed


Our Package and Services

  • $350 to help fine tune your idea [ a 1-hour business strategy service]
  • Business plans -start from $2,000
  • Feasibility studies – start from $2,500
  • Project plans-start from $2,000


We can also refer you to a lawyer if you don’t have one.


Call – 310 860 6022 [if you don’t receive a response to your email within 3 days]

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