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The E2 Visa or an investor visa is granted to individuals, who come to the US for the purpose of purchasing a business or creating a new one. We know how important your project is. Our team of expert writers in Massachusetts has lots of experience with E2 visa applicants and their visa requirements. You can become one of our teaming clients who trust our highly professional services year in, year out and give a call to one of our consultants in Massachusetts to learn more about the services we render regarding the E2 visa business plan.

The aim of writing business plans is to convince the readers that your project has a very high potential to succeed and that you already have in place a team of highly qualified experts to fulfill your set objectives.

We pride ourselves on the provision of top-rated services to our business-oriented clients. Our experts are highly professional and are able to come up with original business plans rather than utilizing business plan software, thus producing high-quality documents at all times.

It is important to note that we have, online, an array of business plan samples and business plan templates that will help you attain the level of success that you desire.

The traditional business plan is different from the one you write to apply for an E2 visa. The former is composed for investors and people who manage businesses while the latter is put together for USCIS officers for the purpose of granting an E2 immigration visa to an applicant to enable them to live legally and work in the USA. Thus, the two forms of business plans are totally different in purpose, language, tone, content, and format.

The main differences between the business plan written to apply for an E2 immigration visa and a regular one are:

  1. Purpose: A business plan written to apply for an immigration visa aims to convince the officer at the USCIS that the business enterprise which the applicant is investing in is capable of creating the stipulated number of jobs that will make them eligible for an E2 immigration visa whereas a regular business plan aims to woo investors as well as assist managers to run their businesses more efficiently
  2. Content: Although the contents of both business plans  are similar,  the content of an E2 immigrant visa business plan is  intended  to prove that the business is  genuine (this includes financial statements, tax returns, payroll summaries or quarter wage report, bank statement, and so on),  proofing that the  investment is not marginal, and that it is substantial and  there is no going back on it ( crossed checks or money orders,  a list of materials and goods  bought for the lease agreement, start-up, etc.),  providing information about the sources of capital (money orders or wire transfers,  foreign tax returns, foreign bank statements, etc.), and  showing that the  applicant is able to develop  as well as direct  their business (a list of owners plus the percentage of ownership, minutes of meetings,  etc.)
  3. Format: A business plan for an immigration visa has a format that is quite different from that of a regular investment plan. Usually, a business plan for an E2 immigration visa includes detailed information about the petitioner and his/her background,  besides the sections that are generally present in other forms of business plans,  like an executive summary (introduction, objectives, mission,  organization chart, a summary of the setup costs, anticipated sales for the 5-year period, and so on), information about the company (ownership and startup details), services, analysis of the market (segmentation of the market, strategy for the target market segment, competition as well as buying patterns), strategy plus implementation (marketing strategy, sales forecast, sales strategy,  as well as a competitive edge), and management (executives and managers,  salary forecasts, and personal plan).
  4. Language and tone:The language used for writing a business plan for the USCIS to obtain an immigration visa must reflect the immigration rules and business guidelines stipulated by the law. The language as well as tone used for writing should be very easy for the immigration officer to read and understand what the document contains. Also, it must be written in perfect English, leaving no room for spelling and grammatical errors.


Therefore, a business plan for an immigration visa differs from other forms of business plans, which are put together primarily based on what is pleasing to managers and investors.   As an application for an E2 visa has very strict requirements, it is advisable for you to hire an expert visa business plan writer,  who is well-versed in immigration rules as well as business guidelines stipulated by the law of the US. The business plan is a major determinant of the success or otherwise of your application for an E2 visa; therefore, it must be error-free.

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