EB1-A Visa Business Plan West Virginia

We Write Business Plans for EB1-A Visa in West Virginia

The EB1A Visa belongs to the EB1 category and is issued to foreign applicants with extraordinary ability in business, sciences, education, athletics, or arts. Extraordinary ability refers to a level of expertise showing an individual belongs to a small group of people who have reached the very top of a certain field of human endeavors. The achievements of such an individual must be acknowledged in the field via extensive documentation.

EB1A Visa makes it possible for the individual to ‘self-petition’. There is no need for a specific job offer as long as the applicant is able to prove that their entry into the U.S. will bring a lot of benefits to the United States and that he/she will continue working in the area in which they have uncommon ability. Also, no Labor Certification is required for an EB1A petition.

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EB1-A Visa Business Plans Service in West Virginia

An applicant for the EB1A Visa must be a leader in one or a combination of the field listed below:

  • Education
  • Sciences
  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Business

The achievements of the applicant must be acknowledged in their field via extensive documentation.

The applicant must fulfill at least three out of the following ten criteria, to confirm that they have the uncommon ability in their field of human endeavors:

  • Proof of the receipt of national or international awards for excellence
    • Proof of membership of associations in the field that demand exceptional achievement of their members
    • Proof of any material they published in professional or major trade publications or other major media
    • Proof that they have judged the work of others, either on a panel or individually.
    • Proof of their original scholarly, scientific,  athletic, artistic, or other major contributions  to the field
    • Proof of  scholarly articles they have published in professional or major trade publications or any other major media
    • Proof  of the display of their work  at showcases or artistic exhibitions
    • Proof  that they have  performed  a critical or leading  role in  highly reputable organizations
    • Proof that they earn a  fat salary or very high remunerations compared to  others in the field
    • Proof that they have recorded  huge successes that attracted pecuniary gains in the performing arts

Also, Labor Certification is not required for an EB1A petition.

If the I-140 of the applicant is approved, and they have current priority dates, they are to submit their I-485 Application seeking to become a Permanent Resident of West Virginia. Once the application is approved by the USCIS, the applicant will become a lawful permanent resident of West Virginia in the United States.

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