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The Immigrant Investor Program or EB5 Visa is among the few visa programs, which wealthy individuals use to secure permanent residence in Wyoming.  There exist two different ways of investing via the EB5 visa program, and they both require a detailed and perfectly written Business Plan.

Here are the two options:

EB5 Direct Investment Visa: With this, you can invest directly in an existing or new business, with a minimum of $500,000 or $1,000,000. You are due to pay the latter amount if your business is situated in a Target Employment Area (TEA)

EB5 Regional Center Visa: You can invest via a regional center EB5 project that offers you a wide range of investment options and you can bypass the stress associated with the daily management of the business. Here, the business plan is directed to the Regional Centers themselves, rather than the investor.

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There are different requirements for writing an EB5 business plan. However, one of the most important requirements that many people are not aware of is compliance with the Matter of Ho.   The USCIS stipulates that whether your application requires an exemplar, hypothetical, or affiliate business plan, your document must conform to the Matter of Ho.

What is the Matter of Ho?  How Can You Create a Document That Conforms to the USCIS Matter of Ho?

In 1998, the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) of the USCIS said the Matter of Ho is a precedent decision, which defines the requirements for the business plan for the EB5 visa. It has always been cited with regard to the I-526 immigrant petition package that includes the business plan mentioned above.

Usually, Matter of Ho stipulates that to get approval for the I-526 petition, your business plan must clearly indicate what your business activity is, its intended location, how you are going to spend the capital,  as well as how and when jobs will be created. Your business plan must prove to the USCIS officer that your intended business is good enough to make you eligible for an immigration visa to Wyoming.

Requirements of Matter of Ho:

The Matter of Ho requires your EB-5 business plan to be “a comprehensive, detailed, and credible business plan demonstrating the job creation and potential of the new commercial enterprise.” Your business plan should:

  • Be detailed enough to prove to USCIS that your investment is capable of creating jobs.
  • Begin with an unambiguous and brief executive summary. It is an important factor that determines the success or otherwise of your application. Your business plan must contain a brief introduction about yourself, your new business, its objectives, operations, as well as its potential to create jobs.
  • Provide comprehensive descriptions of your business, the structure of your organization, the cost of employment, staffing, experience of major personnel, as well as the duties assigned to people occupying various job positions.
  • Indicate how much you have invested or will invest in your business and the source(s) of your funds. You must indicate that your business is at great risk and that you are getting funds from lawful sources.
  • Show unambiguously that your business can generate jobs that will make you qualify for an investment visa.
  • Incorporate a well-researched and convincing market and/or industry analysis, explaining in detail the target market as well as potential customers.
  • Incorporate a comparison of the existing & potential competitors using a well-researched SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).
  • Incorporate a comprehensive sales & marketing strategy on the basis of the knowledge you have regarding the market, industry, as well as competitors.
  • Give an easily understood explanation of the way your business operates plus how you intend to monetize your products & services.
  • Be very explicit on the financial information provided. Ideally, you are expected to indicate a 5-year prediction of your profit & loss, cash flow & balance sheet.
  • Appear credible. You must make neither assertions nor speculations. If it becomes imperative for you to make any claim, you must substantiate it with evidence that is independent & verifiable.
  • Agree with the information you provide in other parts of the I-526 petition as well as the information which the USCIS may discover when they are undertaking a review of your petition.

For your petition for an EB-5 business visa to be successful, your business plan must be impeccable and fully comply with the Matter of Ho.  Hence, it is advisable for you to hire an expert business plan writer,  who knows everything about EB5  visa requirements,  detail-oriented, and well-versed in the areas of employment generation as well as financial planning,  to write the business plan for you.

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