H1B Visa Business Plans Massachusetts

We Write Business Plans for H1B Visa in Massachusetts

The US-based companies – in Massachusetts that wish to engage the services of highly qualified foreign professionals can take advantage of the H1B visa. The H1B Visa makes it lawful for employees to stay in the US for about three years, and it can be extended to about 6 years.

A great deal of the program’s appeal can be attributed to the recognition of an H1B visa as a Dual Intent Visa as it enables its holders to have their immigration status converted to permanent residency. However, owing to a limited capacity of 65,000 visas issued, in addition to 20,000 visas granted to applicants who want to pursue a Master’s degree, the H1B visa is among the most competitive visa options provided by the USCIS.

As the H1B applicants are not establishing a business of their own in the US, sponsoring companies must provide their own fact-based and professionally written business plan indicating the reasons and the benefits derivable from hiring the foreign expert.

Having spent donkey years writing business plans to secure immigration visas, Our seasoned Business Plan writers are well-versed in writing business plans targeted at the USCIS that perfectly lays out the plan of your company in Massachusetts for H1B Visa applicant that you hire.

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