H-1B denial and RFE are at a record high. In our view many of these applications can benefit from a Project or Business plan.

The common reasons for denial and RFE’s are:

  1. Specialty occupation
  2. Employer-employee relationship

How can a business plan help?

A business plan will explain the overall direction of the company. It will set out the company’s future plans, why it needs the employee and the financial projection of the company. This helps to set out the credibility of the company and the genuineness  of the employment position. When an adjudicating officer finds a company and position genuine, they will have an open mind to the rest of the application packet.

How can a project plan help?

For many companies, especially those in the IT or fashion industry, a project plan will help with the two major problems; specialty occupation and Employer-employee relationship.

The USCIS regularly holds that most programming jobs can be done by an associate degree holder or a non-degree holder who has been specifically trained.

  • A project plan with set out the facets of the project(s) at hand and the complex skills required at each level, dealing with specialty occupation.
  • The project plan will also set out the plans for communication, review and supervision dealing with the employee-employer relationship, even where the employee will carry out duties at a client’s location.

How can we help?

We have assisted many immigration attorneys and their client deal with H-1B RFE’s.

We are Management consultants and not just business plan writers, therefore we are able to review every aspect of the business and come up with ideas on how to deal with the RFE.

For further assistance please contact us at henry@immigrationbusiness-plans.com

Website : http://www.immigrationbusiness-plans.com

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