There has been a transition on how the L1 visa is assessed based on recent memorandums issued by USCIS.

We frequently update ourselves by reviewing this memorandums and news as it gives us hints and insights into what USCIS immigration caseworkers are looking for and what triggers the publication of each memorandum.

We also draw experiences from business plans that have been referred to us and communication with various immigration attorneys. In recent times, we have realized that the recent L1 visa RFE’s and denials have been based on three main factors namely:

  • Web-based plagiarism of business plan content.
  • Poorly presented job description for the L1 beneficiary
  • Poorly presented job descriptions for the secondary staffs to be managed.
  • The business plan not practical enough which does not allow the reader to

visualize the operations of the business.

We continue to ensure that our business plans meet all the requirements of the rules and that they are practical as well as uniquely written for each business. [see some of our attorney testimonials below]

–         In some cases, we advise our clients to do a short feasibility report before writing

the business plan to corroborate the planned business or expansion.

–         Some cases may benefit from a project plan.

–         Job description L1 beneficiary: this is where we realize many attorneys and business plan writers are recently experiencing some difficulties. An immigration attorney is not expected to know every industry that comes their way, and the clients do not make this any easier. They usually provide little to no information. We thoroughly research every industry, communicate with clients and come up with a practical and yet executive or managerial job description.

–         Job description for subordinate staff – surprisingly I have seen many business plans that do not pay attention to this. Some believe that simply mentioning that the staff is a bachelor’s degree holder is sufficient. However, the job described must also be one that requires a degree to accomplish; you shouldn’t also have an L1 executive managing someone who’s daily task involve front line work. E.g. ‘someone making daily sales call” will be considered a front line staff even if that person has a marketing degree.

Most of the attorneys that have used our service continue to come back again and again because of the quality of the content in our plans. While you may have a well-presented plan with info-graphics and charts, our content and explanation are one of the best in the industry.

Our business plans are one of the most comprehensive plans in the business plan industry because it’s written by two experienced writers with over 50 years combined experience.

We are not just business plan writers; we are a management consultant and business strategist that specialize in:

  • Company / Business registration
  • Business plan writing
  • Feasibility research and studies
  • Project Plan
  • Expert business opinion letters for USCIS

To request for a sample of our business plan please email


Allan S. Lolly & Associates APC

I’ve been a practicing attorney for 25 years, and I have worked with Henry Akinlude “Global Management and Technology Consulting LLC” in many cases.

I had a foreign client looking for advice on the type of business structure. This prospective client had particular questions about a business venture. Henry was able to analyze the situations, guide and advise the clients on various business opportunities and choices. He also offered some consulting advice on how to grow my law practice.

Henry is very personable and welcoming to attorneys and clients alike. I highly recommend him. Sincerely, Allan

Sabrina Li

Henry Akinlude from Global Management and Technology Consulting has been working with me since 2016 on more than 10 business plans and general business and marketing advice for my client. More interestingly, I had a very complicated E2 case from Europe. While I thought the case might be denied, after consulting with Henry he gave me practical advice on business strategies on how to present this issue to USCIS after working together on various ideas. The case was approved, and I have continued to work with Henry to date.

Emily Reber-Mariniello, ERM Immigration Law

Managing Partner

I was not sure what to expect, as I am not particularly familiar with what a good business plan should look like. However, the quality and detail were beyond what I could’ve predicted. Henry’s work was outstanding. I couldn’t  have hoped for a more professional, thorough, and intelligent plan that was also thoughtful and insightful. Additionally, he considered factors that I hadn’t even thought of as issues – without even knowing me or my practice personally. He is clearly an experienced expert.

Portfolio of our senior writers

Henry Akinlude & Dr. Adeagbo met 22 years ago in 1995 when they were studying for their master’s degree in business administration at the University of West London.

Henry Akinlude started his university career as a scientist studying botanical science, he eventually studied computing with computer electronics for 2 years, after graduating from business school with an MBA, he later went for a master’s degree in law. Henry has been a management consultant for over 20 years mainly to attorneys in the US and the UK. To read more click

Dr. Adeagbo has a doctorate degree from the University of Bournemouth in the UK and a renowned international business strategist across three continents. To read more click


You can request for a sample by sending an email to

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