O1 Visa Business Plans Michigan

We Write Business Plans for O1 Visas in Michigan

The O-1 Visa aims to allow two categories of people entry into the US: People who are geniuses in the field of business, education, sciences, or athletics (O-1A Visa) and people who are geniuses in the arts or have uncommon achievement in television industry or motion picture (O-1B Visa).  Entry into Michigan, US can also be granted to people who play vital roles at certain events or performances (O-2 Visa) and the children and spouses of O-1’s and O-2’s beneficiaries.

As the O-Visa classification involves a number of steps besides submitting an application, it behooves the applicant to prove that they have fulfilled all the requirements stipulated by the USCIS. By attaching an O-1 Visa application to a perfectly written and compelling business plan, applicants can supersede additional USCIS questions, thereby accelerating the processing of the application.

Within the shortest possible time, we can help you create a business plan for your O-1 visa application to Michigan that will fulfill the USCIS requirements and expectations, thus greatly reducing the probability of RFE & denial.

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